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Intergetic Forum Organizational Telecom
June 20, 8:30 a.m. Pacific Time Zone

After talking to major companies in telecommunications, semiconductors, automobiles and appliances, we are convinced that there is interest in the industry in developing standards for data privacy, data integrity and data trading in the smart home and connected car.  But, we also know that every company wishes to be assured that others see the same opportunity.  Therefore, we are holding an informal telecom meeting of companies that have an interest in seeing this work being undertaken.

There is no commitment implied by participation.  We want you to hear from other companies about their thoughts regarding the evolving role for data in a machine learning world.   As a sample of the conversations we wish to foster, the following quote comes from Chuck Byers ( System Architect at Cisco & Chairman of the Open Fog technical committee):

"Security and privacy are perhaps the most serious concerns in, and roadblocks to deployment of advanced IoT capabilities.  People need to trust the sensors in their IoT systems not to disclose aspects of their lives they want to keep private, and the actuators in their IoT systems not to go rogue and cause damage or injury.  Yet, many of the most innovative IoT services use sensors, actuators, networking and processing together to build closed-loop systems.  The work of the Intergetic Forum shows  promise in helping to manage these concerns.  It can be used in conjunction with the work of the OpenFog Consortium to implement end-to-end trustworthy IoT systems of unprecedented scale and capability.

While Intergetic brings a privacy and data model to IoT, OpenFog shows how computation, networking, storage and acceleration resources can be deployed in a hierarchical IoT system.  Fog nodes can be placed at several levels between the tops of the IoT Things and the bottom of the Cloud, and each level can have specialized roles to play in network security and privacy.  Fog nodes can have larger power, space and cost envelopes than many IoT endpoints, and therefore can run stronger crypto processing and more sophisticated analytics.  The combination of Intergetic and OpenFog could be a powerful architecture for providing IoT solutions with breakthrough levels of trustworthiness for residential and business applications."
 The Intergetic Forum would like to bring together other companies and consortia who are facing similar privacy and data issues as the Smart Home becomes more pervasive.    

Please feel free to forward this invitation to anybody in your company who may have an interest in the discussion. 

To make sure that you are up to speed on the topic, you may wish to review our Webinar presentation:
 “The Challenge of Data In The Smart Home” .  This discusses the use cases driving the need for data standardization as well as the Intergetic Forum’s proposed charter.
Please RSVP for this meeting to info@intergetic.org

We will send out connection details prior to the meeting and look forward to seeing your company there.

Stephen Wood
Executive Director
Intergetic Forum