Government Regulations
   - Regulators Are Moving To Address The Consumer’s Need For Privacy

  • Three Quarters Of All Countries Have Privacy Embedded In Their Constitutions:
South Korea
March 2016
Fines to 3% of revenues, 3x actual
​damages and sanctions on management
June 2015
Fines up to 2% of global revenues
Sept 5, 2015
Criminal Penalties For Corporate
  • Consumers Are Not “Getting Used To” Losing Their Privacy:


Consumers And Governments Will Not Permit Us To Access The Data Needed To Build The Smart Home Without Solving Privacy.

...of consumers in the US
& UK are “anxious” about
their privacy.
(Source: Truste)

... are limiting their online
activity to moderate
privacy concerns.

(Source: Truste)

  • The Introduction Of Microphones & Cameras Will Force Additional Government Involvement:
Gaze Tracking
Emotion Recognition
Fall Detection
Home Security
Facial Recognition
Violence Detection
Natural Language Processing
Audio Analytics
     Glass Breakage
     Babies Crying
     Emotional Content In Language
     Voice Identification
  • ​​​​More Than 8 Major Data Sets (In The US) Are Inaccessible Or Minimally Accessible For Use In The Smart Home:
Gas          Electricity         Water          Wireless            ISP                 Phone           Health               Financial
Privacy Standards & Trust Are Needed To Gain Access To This Data